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Reverie Product Fitting Guides

All our fitting guides are in PDF format and can be downloaded for external viewing. Navigate to the desired section below:

To find easier the fitting instructions for your part, just press Ctrl+F in your browser, then type in the part number (ex. R01SI0027)


Please download and read the seat selection guide first to ensure you are following the correct fitting instructions for your seat. 

Mulsanne B Seats
Super Sports Seats
Mulsanne Head Restraint
Cushion Kits
  • Reverie Cushion Kit (Part No.) R01SI6009, R01SI6013, R01SI6043, R01SI6044 (DB,DG,R,B), R01SI6043 (DB,DG,R,B), R01SI6135, R01SI6137 (BE,R,G), R01SI6135 (BE,R,G), R01SI6045 (RB,R,G,LG), R01SI6046 (RB,R,G) R01SI6007 (GY, B,GN,R,BE,Y), R01SI6011 (GY,GN,R), R01SI6078, R01SI6139, R01SI6024, R01SI6025, R01SI0007, R01SI0014

Lotus Products

Fitting guides are available for our range of Lotus products including spoilers, wings, diffusers, induction kits.

Airbox & Induction Products Fitting Guides

  • Hockenheim & Interlagos Airboxes (Part No.)R01SE0036, R01SE0074,R01SE0105, R01SE0096, R01SE0432, R01SE0454, R01SE0473, R01SE0458, R01SE0480, R01SE0452, R01SE0453, R01SE0337, R01SE0332, R01SB0300, R01SB0301, R01SB0302, R01SB0303, R01SB0304,    R01SB0305, R01SE0030, R01SE0033, R01SE0077, R01SE0078, R01SE0090, R01SE0093, R01SE0099, R01SE0102, R01SE0118, R01SE0121, R01SE0124, R01SE0127, R01SE0131, R01SE0133, R01SE0139, R01SE0140, R01SE0141,      R01SE0142, R01SE0143, R01SE0144, R01SE0145, R01SE0146, R01SE0186, R01SE0188, R01SE0333, R01SE0338
  • Silverstone Airboxes (Part No.) R01SE0015, R01SE0001, R01SE0014, R01SE0088, R01SE0013, R01SE0086,R01SE0089, R01SE0087,
  • Hayabusa Airboxes (Part No.) R01SE0245, R01SE0246, R01SE0392, R01SE0393, R01SE0394,

Rear Diffusers


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