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Wing Selection


When selecting the correct wing configuration(s) for your competition car please consider the following;

 • what type of events you compete in
 • what type of car you drive (saloon, sports racer, single seater etc).
 • what the car’s frontal area is or know Cd (see the graphics below right for how to estimate it).
 • what is your car’s power output at the driven wheels
 • what are the highest and lowest maximum speeds are at any venues you visit, and an idea of the cornering   speed range encountered
 • what relevant regulations are applicable relating to the dimensions and location of wings and other aero devices 
 • what aerodynamic deficiencies you are endeavouring to overcome
We then recommend the configuration best suited to your application. Fine tuning in testing and events will, however, be necessary to get a good balance.


Estimating frontal area by making typical measurements as shown below can be very helpful




With a closed car, deduct the hatched areas from the (width x height) value to get a reasonable estimate of frontal area

Wing Selection Thanks to SImon Mcbeath, The Wing Shop

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