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We offer a range of different aftermarket parts, products and enhancements for the Caterham 7 kit car range including Carbon Fibre racing bucket seats, air box & induction kits, body panels, front wings, diffusers and gear knobs. All our Caterham accessories are manufactured from 100% Pre-preg Autoclave cured Carbon Fibre for superior rigidity and finish and can be shipped worldwide.

For Caterham 7 front wings and diffusers, we can offer a fitting service if required at our premesis in Colchester, UK,

Because we design and manufacture all our Caterham parts and products in-house, we are able to provide certain customisations and potentially tailor our products to suit your application upon request, please contact us first before ordering to discuss your requirements.

View our Caterham product range:

Caterham Air Boxes

Caterham air box

We manufacture high performance air boxes for the XE/JPE engine found in the Caterham Seven

View our Caterham air boxes

Caterham Induction Kits

Caterham induction kit

Our range of Caterham 7 induction kits are a perfect enhancement to the performance engines found in Caterham kit cars

View our Caterham Induction Kits

Caterham Body Parts

Caterham body parts and panels

We manufacture Caterham nose cone intakes in either GRP or Carbon Fibre for the R500 for RHD and LHD models

View our Caterham body parts


Caterham Diffusers

Caterham diffuser

Our Carbon Fibre diffusers are suitable for both the SV and non-SV Caterham Seven and help increase down force at the rear to improve grip and handling. We are able to provide a fitting service

View our Caterham diffusers

Caterham Bucket Seats

Caterham bucket seat

We manufactured a bespoke Carbon Fibre Bucket seat for the Caterham 7 which is also available with a cushion kit in different colours/materials. Designed for sporting applications.

View our Caterham bucket seat

Caterham Front Wing

Caterham front wing

We manufacture a special Carbon Fibre front wing for the Caterham SV/CSR/Levante models including all fixings and end plates. We are also able to provide a fitting service, please contact us first

View our Caterham front wing


Caterham Gear Knobs

Caterham diffuser

We manufacture Carbon Fibre gear knobs for the Caterham 7 which are a direct fit/replacement for the factory OEM gear knob. Adds style and comfort

View our Caterham gear knobs

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