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Ultima Wing Repair

Carbon fibre repairs

Reverie can undertake a whole array of carbon fibre repairs on almost any composite items be it small autoclaved or oven cured pre-preg repairs to damaged areas, small or larger wet laminated repairs or simply stripping off and refinishing chipped, scratched, dented or peeling / lifting clear coats or 2k lacquers to restore cosmetics in our spray booth with the very best Sata guns and our highly skilled technicians.

Repair of impact / crash / fire or heat damaged areas:

There are several carbon fibre repair route options open to us depending on what is available and what you as the customer require:

Opt 1) Use existing customer supplied mould tooling if available to make autoclaved or oven cured pre-preg or wet laminated repair sections, to be wet lay or pre-preg laminated back into the component.

Opt 2) If the part is thin and flimsy or has hollow areas or many fixings meaning autoclaving a mould tool repair section from a non damaged similar or mirror area in carbon is not possible then we can manufacture small epoxy putty or high TG wet laminated fibreglass or c/fibre mould tools off mirrored areas of the part.

Opt 3) Reverse engineering the part by white light scanning the part to produce a 3d stl model and then machining the required male or female tooling from epoxy tooling block on our 5 axis cnc router.

Opt 4) Cutting away impact damaged area and scarf grinding the laminate and Sheet waxing over the missing area and wet laminating staggered layers of c/fibre across to reform required area to required thickness.

Opt 5) For cosmetic repairs where no moulds exist, Wet lay epoxy repairing the rear of the part, carefully grinding away the surface ply and setting in a new piece of low temperature cure pre-preg to match the weave. Autoclave cure and then sand and polish or sand and re clear coat to blend in the repair.

With any of the above inspection reports can be produced if required using our FARO GAGE arm with Geomagic qualify probe software to show repaired areas against your supplied CAD, or against a measured or white light scanned by us equivalent mirrored area.

Examples of previously Reverie repaired carbon fibre items;

Audi R8 rear diffuser and rear wing
Bugatti Veryon side sill
Catamaran spinnaker poles and chutes
Catamaran and dinghy / yacht mast or boom repairs
Cube mountain bike frame
Carbon racing cycle wheels and road bike carbon frame repairs
Ducatti desmosdici crash damaged rear hugger, front mudguard and instrument binnacle/ inner nose fairing.
Dymag wheels repairs and refurbishments
Ferrari 430 rear engine panel refurbs
Ferrari F40  carbon Kevlar front wheel well
LMP1 LMP2  GT1 GT2 race car panels, floors and diffuser repairs
Jordan Formula one floor repairs and others
Porsche 993 997 GT3 RS rear wing re-lacquer / clear coat
Ultima GTR rear wing refurbs
Various super bike carbon fairings

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