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Reverie Hockenheim 405 Carbon Air Box - Std Backplate.

Product Description

Fitment For: Horizontal or vertical intakes on a range of V or flat configuration engines. Can be trimmed to tailor the depth to your application. For angled trimming use flat backplate version only.

Dimensions (in mm):
A: Max External Length = 405
B: Max External Height = 305
C: Max External Depth = 200
D: Depth of Base = 20 (with Base Box) / 2 (with Flat Backplate)
Air Box Volume (Litres): 26.68
External remote filter or can fit choice of two internal filter systems
R01SE0458 K&N Filter Tray for internal if height allows, R01SE6178 ITG Foam 105mm deep dome internal filter, R01SE6183 ITG Dual foam air filter. Snorkels can be bonded onto either end of the airbox to allow connection to a remote Air Filter or an Air Filter Canister via Micropore Ducting

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In Stock
£499.00 (ex. VAT)

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