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Business Process

Reverie Manufacturing/Business Control by 123MRP/ERP/CRM with following attributes:

  • Estimates & Quotations
  • Stock Control
  • Materials Trace ability
  • Bills of Materials
  • Sales Order Processing & Invoicing
  • Full Web-site on-line Shop integration
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Works Order Processing
  • Barcode labelling of parts
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Automatic Progress Chasing
  • Operational Performance Monitoring
  • Shop Floor Capacity Planning and Loading
  • Shop Floor Data Capture with Bar-coding
  • Full Product and Job Costing
  • Key Performance Indicators and Reporting
  • Full Integration with Access Accounting – Dimensions
  • Full integration with on-line web shop
  • Full integration with Visual works order capacity planning
  • On-time delivery through accurate works order visual capacity planning system

Every job is assigned a unique number and barcode and before every process the operator will scan this barcode to inform the system that they have begun that stage and issue any materials and batch numbers used, this ensures full traceability
Once the process is finished the MRP system is again informed keeping a close watch on manufacturing times and providing feedback to the sales department to ensure that customers are quoted accurate prices for a job.

Case Studies

123 Insight / Reverie case study.

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