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Exige 380 style curved rear wing with 380 style end plates
Lotus Exige S3 V6 satin black powder coated CNC swept wing mounts
Lotus Exige S3 V6 gold anodised CNC swept wing mounts
Lotus Exige S3 V6 curved wing kit with drop ends

Lotus Exige S3 V6 Carbon Fibre Rear Wing

We manufacture a range of high quality Carbon Fibre rear wings to fit directly to the Lotus Exige S3 V6, manufactured from 2012. We offer wings with chords of either 225mm to 310mm, high down-force & low drag versions and also stylish wing mounts for a complete package. Our gallery above shows our rear wings on customer Exige S3 V6's. Explore our range of Exige S3 V6 wings below for more information:

NEW for 2017! Lotus Exige S3 V6 (Exige 380 style) Carbon Fibre Curved 225mm Rear Wing Kit + Exige 380 Style End Plates

This kit contains not only a high performance 225mm curved rear wing but also stylish Satin black powder coated alloy swept back mounts for the complete package.

Direct replacement of the OEM wing, the kit is supplied with fixings and is available from £1599

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