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Reverie Suzuka 290G GRP Air Induction Canister Only

Reverie Suzuka 290G GRP Air Induction Canister Only - R01SE0115

Product Description

GRP air filter canister designed to allow maximum throughput of induced air. Can be used with a race cone filter (part no. R01SE6098) or cotton gauze air filter (part no. R01SE6099) filter in one end, with a flat canister banking cap the other end (part no. R01SE0051) and an air inlet duct for side take off.
Alternatively, you can configure for a flow through inline with a 152mm filter adapter of your chosen size, bonded and riveted in the other end with either a flat cap with an air inlet trumpet or duct bonded in.
For maximum flow, use an air filter both ends using the central raised area with an air inlet/outlet duct to take the air out in the centre.
Length : 305mm (you can reduce to 270mm if required and still get the cone filter in one end)
Diameter: 152mm
Features 20mm high raised areas on each side: 260mm x 95mm & 260mm x 80mm
Air flow data for our range of Suzuka remote filters available here

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