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Lotus Elise/Exige S2 Carbon Rear Wing Kit (Curved) - 225mm Chord with Swan Mounts

Product Description

Wing Chord: 225mm
Wing Width: 1650mm
Fitment: Lotus Elise/Exige S2
Material: 2x2 Twill pre-preg Carbon Fibre
Finish: Polished Carbon
Components: Wing, 2 x end plates, 2 x Aluminium swan neck style wing supports with bases & fixings

Specially designed to fit the Lotus Elise/Exige S2, our lightweight Carbon Fibre curved rear wing kit has been engineered by aerodynamics writer and designer Simon McBeath to provide increased downforce and performance and add style to your Lotus.
When run through CFD software in free stream air, the 225mm chord 1650mm wide rear wing gives approximately 328.7% more down force than the stock Exige wing (986N of down force vs. 300N stock, 100mph @ 12 deg AoA).
Therefore it is essential for the downforce of the rear wing to be balanced by use of our Carbon Fibre front canards and Exige S2 Front Spoiler.
The full aero package has been Wind Tunnel tested at MIRA and gives a similar aero balance to stock, with a 25% increase in drag (wide arch guise) but an amazing 200% more down force.
The wing is adjustably mounted to the clam on swan neck style wing mounts allowing you to fine tune the desired angle of attack.
The swan necks go through a neat hole you make in the clam shell at 899mm centres (recommended for Lotus Exige / Elise S2), covered also by a neat cnc aluminium anodised boot and then down to a floor / chassis longeron bracket to put the loadings into the chassis.
We are able to provide a fitting service for this part, please contact us first before ordering. (Specify an alternative width to the 899mm centres if you wish by email)

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