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Clean Room

In the 880Sq ft clean room the manufacturing process begins. Sales orders that have been inputted to the computerised MRP system appear on the clean room work station and visual planning in priority order. Kits will have been pre-cut and materials pre assigned and logged for traceability. The laminator with the correct skill grade for the complexity of the part, can then focus on laminating the right issue part in the right issue mould tool. Plys and vacuum bagging are cross checked by another employee of the same or higher skill level. Barcoded tracibility part stickers are laminated and cured into the components.
As an interesting technical note generally speaking parts that are oven cured at 1 atmosphere pressure suffer a reduction in mechanical properties of about 15%, increased weight by up to 10% and don't have the same quality of surface finish when compared with those that are autoclave cured under pressure.

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