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ITG Foam Air Filters - for Reverie Air Boxes

We supply high-performance ITG foam air filters to suit our range of Carbon Fibre air boxes including the Reverie Hockenheim 4 cylinder, V6 and V8 air boxes and Interlagos 4 cylinder air boxes. All of our ITG foam air filters are supplied with fixings and are specially designed to fit our airboxes directly with no modifications.

Below, technical information can be found on our ITG air filters as well as links to purchase.

(NOTE: The data shown below has been generated by factoring up the results from a 26.42cm² sample of foam material, actual flow rates may differ slightly. CFM figures quoted at 1.5 inches of H2O. )


ITG Foam Air Filter - Reverie Zolder 112/150


ITG Foam Air filter. Fits Reverie Zolder 112 & 150 air boxes. Air filter can be used on engines up to 290bhp. Includes fixings.

Part No.:R01SE6166
Size (mm):420 x 130 x 70mm
Area (cm²): 909
Price:Click for more information

ITG Foam Air Filter - Reverie Hockenheim 422/Interlagos 425



ITG Foam Air filter. Fits Reverie Hockenheim 422 &  Interlagos 425 air boxes. Lightweight air filter less than 1kg. Includes fixings.

Part No.:R01SE6173
Size (mm):410 x 120 x 110mm
Area (cm²): 1149
Price:Click for more information

ITG Foam Air Filter (Increased Height) - Reverie Hockenheim 422



ITG Foam Air filter, increased height at 160mm with larger surface area. Fits Reverie Hockenheim 422 air boxes. Includes 4 bolt fixings.

Part No.:R01SE6172
Size (mm):410 x 120 x 160mm
Area (cm²): 1794
Price:Click for more information

ITG Foam Air Filter (Single) - Reverie Hockenheim 405 - V6 & V8


ITG (Single 4 trumpet) Foam Air Filter. Fits Reverie Hockenheim 405 V6 & V8 air boxes (NOTE: 2 x filter need to be purchased if fitting to a V8). Includes fixings. (NOTE: Our double 8 trumpet filter R01SE6183 will perform better than 2 x four trumpet filters in a V8 air box as there is no centre line shrouding.)

Part No.:R01SE6178
Size (mm):390 x 120 x 110mm
Area (cm²): 1127
Price:Click for more information

ITG Foam Air Filter (Double) - Reverie Hockenheim 405 - V8


ITG (double 8 trumpet) Foam Air Filter. Fits Reverie Hockenheim 405 V8 air boxes only. Includes fixings. 

Part No.:R01SE6183
Size (mm):390 x 250 x 85mm
Area (cm²): 2171
Price:Click for more information

Inlet Sizing

An inlet that is too small will cause a pressure drop inside the air box restricting performance. The inlet sizing guide (below) shows the minimum recommended inlet and ducting size for a power output category. The larger the power output of an engine the more air it will require to run at peak efficiency, therefore a larger inlet pipe/duct is needed as power increases. Multiple smaller inlet pipes/ducts can be used to achieve the same open area as a larger inlet, for example, if a larger inlet pipe/duct won’t fit on the air box, multiple smaller pipes or oval inlet pipes could be used to create a comparable open area. High flow alloy straight trumpets can also be used as intakes.

BHP Category

Open Area (cm²)

Inlet Diameter (mm)

1 - 150



150 - 205



205 - 265



265 - 325



325 +



On typical engines 150CFM is required for each 100BHP

On high performance engines 130CFM is required for each 100 BHP

The formula below shows the formula for required airflow to the engine in cubic feet per minute.

CFM = Engine Capacity (Cubic Inches) / 3464  * Max RPM

1L = 61.0237in³

For example a 5.7 litre engine requires 703CFM of air at 7000rpm :
703 CFM = 347.84CI / 3464 * 7000RPM

Or if supercharged...

CFM = (CI * RPM / 3456) * (boost [psi] / 14.7 + 1)

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